The Blogger-Author Relationship—Gaining 5-Star Status

If your relationship with the blogging community consists of a mass email dump to Dear Blogger every time you release a new book, you’re missing the point.

Book blogs don’t just add to the string of 5-star reviews you’re hoping to wrap around your new release. Book bloggers also host authors, participate in book hops, and provide content related to reading and the writing life.

As an author, don’t simply seek review. Make an effort to build a relationship that is sure to augment your publishing career for many years to come. So, how do you do that?

Build the Bond.  Whenever a blogger agrees to review your book, do your homework on the site and begin building a relationship. Be sure to follow the blogger on social sites and reshare their content. If you don’t have a Book Reviewers list on Twitter,   one and add the blogger to the list. Finally, if the blogger hosts a GoodReads group, consider joining if you have time to participate.

Offer Original Content.  It’s true—no hardworking author can afford to spend the day writing one blog post after another. How would we ever complete the next book? However, sites with a large number of followers keep an eye on the blog’s ranking, and they don’t want the essay you’ve already posted on ten other sites. Whenever time permits, offer to write original content to ensure you remain visible before readers. You’ll also gain the appreciation of a blogger who may push your next release to the top of his or her TBR list for review.

Offer Free eBooks and Paperbacks.  If you’re promoting your book’s tie-in with a holiday, event or tour, offer each participating blogger free books; both eBooks and paperback. Yes, it’s more expensive but you’ll build your readership faster, and the blogger hosting the giveaway will receive more entries—and potentially new followers. A win-win for both of you!

Promote Your Favorite Blog’s Content. Re-tweet a recent review. Repost blog hop information on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Independent publishing continues to flourish due to the dedication of bibliophiles who host us to ensure readers—most of whom would never learn our names—are introduced to literature’s newest wave of books. Successful indie authors understand that by promoting other quality reads, the movement as a whole benefit. So, do your part by helping your favorite blog get the word out.

The closer the relationship between you and bloggers, the more rewards you will reap. Through book bloggers, I’ve received promotional opportunities, introductions to other reviewers and invitations to join high-powered groups I couldn’t possibly have discovered on my own. You’ll receive the same 5-star treatment by helping your favorite blog’s promotional efforts.

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