Liberty’s New Look

Bestselling women's fiction novel Second Chance Grill by award-winning author Christine Nolfi.The Liberty Series is in the process of donning a bright new look. The work isn’t completed yet, but I can’t wait to show off the new Second Chance Grill cover. I love the soft colors, and the warm feel of the town. Beautiful, yes?

If you haven’t yet picked up your copy of Second Chance Grill, you’ll find the novel on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

Heavenscribe Sweet Deal

Blog post about Heavenscribe, the new series by bestselling novelist Christine Nolfi.The lazy days of summer beckon, and I’m off for a week of R & R. Before I go, I’d like to offer a sweet deal to those readers who haven’t yet begun reading my new series, Heavenscribe: for a limited time Part One and Part Two are each 99-cents.

What are reviewers saying about Heavenscribe? “A magical story.” “A must-read.” Tantalizing: Couldn’t put it down.” “Highly recommend this engaging and mysterious series.”

Heavenscribe follows three seemingly ordinary women as they unlock extraordinary talents. Soon they find themselves participating in a spiritual transformation devised by angels to aid a dying world. If you enjoy magical realism and closer-to-literary novels, don’t delay. Download your copies today!

Julie Gilbert’s New Lei Crime Kindle World Release

Christian fiction author Julie Gilbert's new Kindle Worlds release as described on bestselling author Christine Nolfi's blog.

Once again YA and mystery author Julie Gilbert joins the other fabulous authors writing in the Lei Crime Kindle World. If you missed Julie's April debut in #LeiCrimeKW, you'll find Never Again here. The novella enjoys a 4.7 star rating--wow! A … [Continue reading]

Eden Baylee’s New Lei Crime Kindle World Release

Award winning author Eden Baylee on bestselling author Christine Nolfi's blog.

This month, Author Eden Baylee will follow up the success of her Kindle Worlds novella A Snake in Paradise with another action-packed read sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Seal of the Monk is the perfect summer read, setting Lainey Lee in … [Continue reading]

Two Free Books, Act Fast!


To celebrate the release of Heavenscribe: Part Three, I have an irresistible offer for you--but you must act quickly. This offer expires at midnight EDT on July 27th: Post an Amazon review for Heavenscribe: Part One, and I'll send Part Two … [Continue reading]

Scott Bury’s TORN ROOTS Joins Lei Crime Kindle World

Author Scott Bury's Lei Crime Kindle World novella Torn Roots as featured on author Christine Nolfi's blog.

Author Scott Bury will soon join the ranks of Lei Crime Kindle World authors with his July release, Torn Roots. Scott balances a busy life as a novelist, journalist and editor residing in Canada. He is the recipient of Maclean Hunter's Top 6 Award … [Continue reading]

Continuing in the Lei Crime Kindle World


As many of you know, I've enjoyed dipping my hands into the Lei Crime Kindle World by creating an alternative history for the series' main character, Lei Texeira. In April I released the first part of my "mini series", The Shell Keeper, which takes … [Continue reading]

New Release

Heavenscribe by bestselling novelist Christine Nolfi.

"Awesome." "Breathtakingly joyful." "A magical read." Heavenscribe: Part Two is now available, and you don't want to miss out on the ongoing adventures as Zobie Marsh continues to unlock the secrets of Heavenscribe with the help of her new friend, … [Continue reading]

Where the Muse Leads

Heavenscribe, a novel of magical realism by bestselling author Christine Nolfi.

If you've read my past releases--and I certainly hope you have--you know I enjoy writing contemporary fiction with quirky characters and lots of humor. Often the books are set in small towns, and one or more of the characters has a romantic … [Continue reading]

Should You Write In Kindle Worlds?

Writing in Kindle Worlds, a blog post by bestselling author Christine Nolfi.

Unless you enjoy constant bestsellerdom you are, like the rest of us, sweating bullets during the monthly check of sales numbers. Between the deluge of free books and the competition to secure ad slots on sites like BookBub, gaining the attention of … [Continue reading]