Winners of the Paperback Giveaway

free paperback books via bestselling author Christine NolfiThank you to everyone who entered the Liberty Series paperback giveaway.

The winners are Karen Kenyon Miller, Deborah Blanchard, Sue Tinge and Lori R. Ladies, I’ll contact each of you directly to ensure I’m sending the paperback you’d like to receive. Congratulations!

Liberty Paperback Giveaway

Treasure MeWould you like to win an autographed paperback from the award-winning Liberty series? Four winners will be randomly selected from the comments, below.

To enter: 1) Please name your favorite character in any of the four Liberty novels, and 2) List the paperback you’d like to win: Treasure Me, Second Chance Grill, The Impossible Wish or Four Wishes. This contest is open to readers in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

Why the celebration? This month Treasure Me has enjoyed over 40,000 downloads on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. Wow! If you haven’t yet downloaded your FREE copy–or have a friend who enjoys lighthearted women’s fiction–nab a copy on AmazonUSA, AmazonCA, AmazonUK, iTunes or Kobo. The book is 99 cents on Barnes & Noble.

Winners of the paperback giveaway will be announced on this blog. Please enter today!

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