Reader Appreciation Event

Reader Appreciation Event
I never tire of finding ways to say “thank you” for the support readers have given me over the years. With that in mind, I hope you’ll join me and 16 other bestselling authors for a special Reader Appreciation Event beginning January 15th. The event is hosted by BookRhythm.

We’re giving away a $250 grand prize gift card, oodles of other gift cards, eBooks, paperbacks and more! Join the fun here.

For more flash prizes and chances to win, please also visit the event’s Facebook page here.

Looking forward to seeing you at the event!

Thoughts on the Holiday Season

images-1Writers lead hectic lives, but I have a rule: slow it down during the holiday season.

I’ve done very little writing since the middle of December. What has consumed the hours instead? Time for reflection; leisurely hours baking cookies and organizing the house; and more time spent with family and friends. This year three of my four adult children will be home for the holidays and, as you can imagine, I’m quite excited!

There are other, year-end habits. Because I’m a tad superstitious, I ensure my office is organized before the start of a new year. At the moment I’m 75 pages into my next release, and a neat office makes the writing all the easier.  I also reflect on the past year’s accomplishments, and set new goals. Not resolutions–which seem constricting and a bit too negative. My goals encompass flights of fancy as well as actionable tasks. They carry a bit of fairy dust into the new year.

And in everything I undertake during the last weeks of the year, I take time for me.

I hope you do the same, and enter the new year filled with joy and light.

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