HBS Author Spotlight

Nolfi PhotoToday I’m featured on the HBS Author Spotlight hosted by James Moushon. My thanks to James and his staff. You’ll find the interview here.

Meet Lucy

Falling in love with a dog: bestseller author Christine Nolfi's beloved Nala.As many of you know, I lost my beloved Nala in early December. My sweet pooch was my loyal writing companion for many years. During those first weeks after she trotted across the Rainbow Bridge, finding another dog was unimaginable.

But I’m an optimist at heart, and began wondering if it made sense to end thirty-five years of having one (and often more than one) dog at my side. Writing is a solitary career, a tough job for a woman who likes to stay active. Although I visit the gym regularly, I missed the long walks in Charleston’s sunshine with Nala at my side and romping with her in the surf whenever we visited the beach.

On February 5th, Barry and I will bring our new Wheaten terrier home. Lucy will be nine weeks old. As you can imagine, we’re very excited!

Lucy, the newest member of novelist Christine Nolfi's family.

Geraniums in Bloom


Growing up as I did in northeast Ohio, the mild winter months in Charleston continue to astonish. Temperatures can dip into the thirties for several hours or overnight only to rebound quickly by morning. Even now, the flowerbox outside my office … [Continue reading]

Bestseller on Four Lists

TREE Apple & B&N.Everlasting

As I write this post, The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge is sitting pretty in the top 100 bestsellers at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. To all the readers downloading TREE and the other novels in the Liberty Series, my heartfelt … [Continue reading]

Four Paws in Heaven


Your favorite chair is vacant now No wagging tail to greet me. No softly padded paws to run ecstatically to meet me. No coaxing rubs, no plaintive whimper, will say it's time for feeding. I've put away your bowl, and all the things you won't be … [Continue reading]

Reaching More Readers with Bublish

Bublish book discoverability platform as described on award-winner author Christine Nolfi's blog.

Are you an indie author struggling to raise your book’s visibility? Bublish provides an avenue I highly recommend. The program is incredibly affordable, easy to use, and targets readers effectively across publishing platforms. Two years ago, I had … [Continue reading]

Second Chance Grill on Sale

Bestselling women's fiction novel Second Chance Grill by award-winning author Christine Nolfi.

To celebrate the redesign of the Liberty Series, you'll find Second Chance Grill reduced to 99-cents on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Kobo for a limited time. This award-winning novel will carry you through the gamut of emotions from … [Continue reading]

Liberty’s New Look

Bestselling women's fiction novel Second Chance Grill by award-winning author Christine Nolfi.

The Liberty Series is in the process of donning a bright new look. The work isn't completed yet, but I can't wait to show off the new Second Chance Grill cover. I love the soft colors, and the warm feel of the town. Beautiful, yes? If you haven't … [Continue reading]

Heavenscribe Sweet Deal

Blog post about Heavenscribe, the new series by bestselling novelist Christine Nolfi.

The lazy days of summer beckon, and I'm off for a week of R & R. Before I go, I'd like to offer a sweet deal to those readers who haven't yet begun reading my new series, Heavenscribe: for a limited time Part One and Part Two are each … [Continue reading]

Julie Gilbert’s New Lei Crime Kindle World Release

Christian fiction author Julie Gilbert's new Kindle Worlds release as described on bestselling author Christine Nolfi's blog.

Once again YA and mystery author Julie Gilbert joins the other fabulous authors writing in the Lei Crime Kindle World. If you missed Julie's April debut in #LeiCrimeKW, you'll find Never Again here. The novella enjoys a 4.7 star rating--wow! A … [Continue reading]