A Brighter Flame

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Published by: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: September 27, 2022
Pages: 303
ISBN13: 978-1542038843



She's always wanted a sense of belonging. The last place she expects to find it is home.

Vale Lightner's dreams turn to ash when the Pittsburgh bar she owns goes up in flames. Just like the past she escaped, very little seems salvageable. Facing unavoidable change, Vale returns to her hometown of Philadelphia to stay with her grandmother.

She knows that returning also means facing everything she left behind: a mother and stepfather who shunted her into the background from the day they married, and her charmed and favored half sister, Blythe, who has abandoned a perfect marriage and is now at a crossroads of her own. Everyone has their secrets, and this reunited family racked by them is about to reach a crisis point.

For a mother and her two daughters, this reunion is a chance for closure, newfound love, and forgiveness. As each of them reassesses her own memories of the past, only the truth can bring them together-in ways that could last forever. From the bestselling author of The Passing Storm comes a poignant novel about family secrets, healing, and the hope of second chances.

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A Brighter Flame is a deeply touching and uplifting novel that explores the troubled history and buried secrets of a family torn apart long ago. The book captured my heart and drew tears as I was reminded that it’s never too late to heal.”
―Boo Walker, bestselling author of A Spanish Sunrise

“In this layered family drama, Nolfi explores the unreliability of memories and how inaccurate perceptions of past events impact the present. As estranged sisters Vale and Blythe uncover a clearer picture of their childhood and the circumstances that shaped their contentious relationship, understanding and forgiveness blossom, bearing the fruit of previously unimagined acts of generosity and love. A story that is sure to keep book clubs talking late into the night.”
―Kerry Anne King, bestselling author of Improbably Yours