Second Chance Grill

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Release Date: October 24, 2012
Pages: 280
ISBN13: 978-1478342229


Dr. Mary Chance needs a sabbatical from medicine to grieve the loss of her closest friend. But when she inherits a struggling restaurant in Liberty, Ohio she isn’t prepared for Blossom Perini. Mary can’t resist falling for the amusing preteen—or the girl’s father. The bond they forge will transform all their lives and set in motion an outpouring of love that spreads across America.

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Finalist, Put Your Heart In A Book Awards

“A wonderful and highly recommended prequel to Treasure Me.”
Susan Bethany, The Midwest Book Review

"Nolfi writes with a richness of heart that is incredibly endearing and totally refreshing."
—Book Fetish

"A vastly enjoyable read and a triumphant celebration of love."
—Literary Inklings

"Oh my goodness, I loved this book!"
—A Book and a Review


Dr. Mary Chance feared she’d poison half of Liberty on reopening day.

Not that she’d personally put the town at risk. Ethel Lynn Percible’s cuisine was to blame. Her slippery hold on culinary skills had Mary wishing she’d dumped antacids instead of mints in the crystal bowl beside the cash register. True, the elderly cook hadn’t exactly poisoned anyone. But the historic recipes Mary hoped to serve were soggy, lumpy, undercooked or scorched to a fine black sheen.

A trim woman in a severe grey suit rose from a table. “I hope you were a better doctor than you are a business woman,” she snapped. Storming past, she gave Mary a dismissive glance. “You should’ve opened an emergency room instead of a restaurant. Or better yet, both. Then you’d have a thriving business.”

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