Sweet Lake

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Published by: Lake Union
Release Date: February 28, 2017
ISBN13: 978-1503942516


Enduring female friendships. Small-town second chances

Linnie Wayfair knows just how many people are counting on her. But knowing doesn’t make doing any easier.

Everyone in Sweet Lake, Ohio, wants her to muster all her business sense and return the Wayfair Inn to its former glory. Her parents hope she’ll forgive her scoundrel of a brother and reconcile the family. The eccentric Sweet Lake Sirens want her to open the inn—and her heart—to new possibilities. And her hilarious lifelong friends Jada and Cat are dropping none-too-subtle hints for her to ignite a romance with Daniel Kettering, the sexy attorney who’s been pining for her for years…

Now a shocking turn of events will open old wounds and upend the world Linnie has carefully built. She has to make changes quickly—and the results, though not entirely what she expected, might be what she’s been yearning for all along.

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Finalist, 2018 International Book Awards

“[Sweet Lake] has such a charming small-town vibe and endearing characters that readers will find themselves falling in love with quirky Sweet Lake and hoping for a series. Perfect for fans of Debbie Macomber or Nora Roberts’ romances.”

“In this uplifting and charming story, each room of the inn is filled with friendship, forgiveness, and love.”
Kirkus Reviews

"Sweet Lake is an enchanting story full of lovable characters."  —Redbook

“Craving a literary trifecta of romance, small town drama and soul searching? That’s exactly what you’ll find in Linnie Wayfair’s life as she tries to restore an inn in Sweet Lake, Ohio to glory —  all while navigating affairs of the heart. This is the literary answer to Gilmore Girls withdrawals, and we don’t give that compliment lightly.”
—Marina Kendrick, Your Tango

“A delightful read start to finish. Nolfi’s characters are believable, fun, and easy to love. You’ll want to visit the town of Sweet Lake time and again. Highly recommended.”
—Bette Lee Crosby, USA Today bestselling author

Sweet Lake is a sweet read! In her endearing style, Nolfi delivers a cast of quirky characters and a suspense-filled plot in a story you don't want to end!”
—Patricia Sands, author of the Love in Provence series


Sweet Lake is the first book in The Sweet Lake Series, published under Lake Union. You’ll enjoy the eccentric cast of women in fictional Sweet Lake, Ohio and the feel-good, funny, uplifting and charming stories. The series has garnered numerous awards and recognition and is a favorite of fans. Book two is The Comfort of Secrets and book three is The Season of Silver Linings.


Coconuts bouncing down a bowling lane.

Linnie Wayfair woke with a start. She peered through the semidarkness in a vain attempt to locate the disturbance. No, coconuts weren’t the source of the sharp rattling. She didn’t stow tropical fruit in her suite—or own a bowling alley, for that matter.

Wincing, she glanced at the ceiling. Bats in the attic?

Problems galore plagued an inn the size of The Wayfair. Problems multiplied when half of the rooms were shut tight, the air inside growing stale and the fourposter beds lying naked, the Italian linens and the velvet bedspreads packed away. As for the attic, raccoons never waited for an invitation. Bats were also savvy party

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