The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge

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Release Date: March 14, 2012
Pages: 314
ISBN13: 978-1468199277


A savage rape on hallowed ground. Secrets buried for decades by the town’s most influential family. Now Ourania D’Andre will learn the Great Oak’s secrets as construction begins at the Fagan mansion. She can’t afford to turn down a job that promises to stir up the long-buried guilt—and the passion—she shares with powerful Troy Fagan. She’s already juggling the most important job of her career with her new responsibilities as a foster mother for young Walt and Emma Korchek. And there’s a hard, older man on the construction crew with eyes void of emotion—cold and killing. The secrets of his brutal past will pose a grave threat to the children in her care. Will she find the courage to face him?

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“Poignant and powerful, The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge is as much a saga of learning how to survive, heal, and forgive as it is a chilling crime story, unforgettable to the very end.
—Margaret Lane, The Midwest Book Review

“A novel of remarkable, rare substance.”
—Literary Inklings

“The sort of book where you get so entranced in the various storylines, you don’t realize how much time goes by.”
—A Bookish Affair


Staring at the tables wouldn’t put Rennie at one of them.

Nursing a cup of coffee, Troy Fagan wondered if she’d decided to decline the work. Bow out with embarrassment, or beg forgiveness—if Rennie didn’t come to her senses, he’d fire her.

How didn’t matter. He’d find a way.

Resigned to his decision, Troy returned his attention to the crowd of men converging on the lawn. The air sizzled with excitement as carpenters, masons and specialty trades greeted each other before taking their seats. For men accustomed to meager paychecks and unpredictable stints between jobs, Fagan wealth promised to make the pay generous even if the schedule was tight.

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