The Shell Seeker

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Published by: Kindle Worlds
Release Date: June 28, 2015
Pages: 105


In South Carolina, there’s more than magic in the air. Now policewoman Lei Texeira must solve the case of the Pirate Necklace.

The famed emeralds, spirited in the 1700s from the pirate Blackbeard’s ship, have been snatched once again. This time, the bling was taken from Marie-Therese Belvedere, a woman whose cruelty is only topped by her arrogance.

Lei doesn’t care for the icy socialite, but she feels an instant connection with the woman’s stepdaughter. An unlucky star has followed Sydney Belvedere her entire life. If the necklace isn’t found, she’ll lose a treasure more dear than the finest gem.

Only the magic of Lei’s intuition stands between Sydney and unspeakable loss.

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From reviews on Goodreads:

“Light beach reading at it's very best.”

"The Shell Seeker," the second entry by Christine Nolfi in Toby Neal's Lei Crime world series, follows immediately on the heels of "The Shell Keeper," although you don't have to read one to enjoy the other. Both are equally entertaining stories that pull you into a unique and magical world.

“Written with such clarity and wonderment, Christine Nolfi brings alive the story of five very strong women characters.”


Lei Texeira pushed away her drink. “Let me get this straight,” she said from between her teeth. “Last night you wowed me with a paranormal stunt on the beach. By means I’ll never understand, you transformed into an African wise woman because... you need my help?”

The petite and supernaturally gifted hostess of the Delacorte Bed & Breakfast twirled one of the rings on her manicured hands. Pixie Delacorte wasn’t easily toppled from her three-inch heels, and Lei suspected she was silently amused. They were seated on the back patio of the Bed & Breakfast, the Atlantic’s waves crashing behind them. With the approach of the noon hour, sunbathers were converging on the Isle of Palms Beach.

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