The Shell Keeper

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Published by: Kindle Worlds
Release Date: April 9, 2015
Pages: 39


In South Carolina, magic is as plentiful as sweet tea.

Thanks to her aunt’s unwanted generosity, policewoman Lei Texeira has embarked on a vacation—of the supernatural sort. She’s staying on the beach in a frothy mansion that resembles a baker’s confection. Pixie, a Southern belle with enough bling to open a shop on Rodeo Drive, manages the place.

When Pixie reveals a local woman reputed to have psychic powers wants to meet Lei, the invitation is anything but welcome.

What Lei discovers about the sorcery of belief, and the love promised to her future will begin to heal wounds she’s carried for far too long.

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“It is easy to see why Christine Nolfi is one of my favorite authors. Her gift of storytelling makes it a delight to pick up one of her stories and become totally captivated for hours on end!”

“…the extra element of the magic, the mysterious old woman with the enchanted shells...Nolfi had added a dimension to Lei's story that made it slightly different, extremely compelling, darker, more dangerous.”

“If you have not read a book authored by Christine Nolfi yet, you are missing out on a phenomenal reading experience! She is one of my favorite authors because of her strong female protagonists and the vivid scenes she paints.”


Travelers streamed past the surly obstruction rooted in the corridor.

Muttering under her breath, Leilani Texeira picked up her carry-on and got her feet moving. She strode out of Charleston International, into the blistering sunlight.

At the curb she ran into a wall of humidity so thick perspiration sprouted from her scalp to her toes. By the time the discomfort registered, damp curls were plastered to her temples. She pushed them back from her eyes. Having a wet blanket thrown on her trim
and battle-ready frame couldn’t be worse.

This was Aunty Rosario’s idea of a perfect vacation?

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