The Dream You Make

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Release Date: August 1, 2013
Pages: 284
ISBN13: 978-0985247744


Each day Annie McDaniel’s dream of a brighter future slips further away.

After her nephew’s world is destroyed in a burst of gunfire, Annie receives temporary custody of five-year-old Dillon. Now the greenhouse she managed with her late father isn’t bringing in enough money. If she doesn’t get her financial house in order, a judge will allow a couple in Baltimore to adopt Dillon—and remove him from her life forever.

Desperate, she takes on a second job at Rowe Marketing. The instant attraction she shares with Michael Rowe is a circumstance Annie can’t risk. But should she walk away from a love sure to last a lifetime?

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From reviews on Amazon:

“Absolutely loved it! Annie is one strong woman to keep getting up every time life knocks her down.”

“Heartwarming. Do not start unless you have time to finish. A wonderful story that is so hard to put down.”

“Love, love, love this book. Christine, you have done it again…plucked my heartstrings, left me cheering for the underdog, and believing in true love.”


The school bus creaked to a stop before the small, white bungalow. Children’s laughter carried on the springtime air.

Inside the house, Annie McDaniel reached for the book bag. She approached her nephew, to help steer his arms through the bag’s straps. She gave no warning before touching Dillon.

The moment her fingers brushed his arm, he darted out of reach. Struggling on his own, he positioned the bag on his back.

His rejection hurt more than it should have, especially since she hadn’t prepared him for the physical contact he dreaded. It was a foolish mistake. He was a five year old whose world had vanished in a burst of gunfire. The experience had left him frightened, skittish, a mere shell of a boy.

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