The Comfort of Secrets

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Published by: Lake Union
Release Date: July 18, 2017
ISBN13: 978-1542045711


Cat Mendoza needs a win. After a business failure and years of dating the wrong men, she’s ready to turn things around.

First she must convince the residents of Sweet Lake, Ohio, that she’s taking her responsibilities seriously. As the events director of the newly restored Wayfair Inn, she has the support of her best friends, Linnie and Jada. But everyone else—including her overprotective mother and the well-meaning Sweet Lake Sirens—can’t help but chime in with advice about her plans, her apparently too-tight clothes, and her undeniable attraction to Ryan D’Angelo, the charming ad exec hired to promote the inn.

Cat knows she should keep Ryan at a distance, but she’s drawn closer by the heartbreak he tries to hide. Will uncovering his secrets derail the new life Cat hopes to achieve…or will she gain something to cherish forever?

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Gold Medal Winner, 2018 Readers’ Favorite Awards
2nd Place Women's Fiction, 2018 Royal Palm Literary Awards
Finalist, 2018 International Book Awards
Finalist, 2018 Kindle Book Awards

“This delightful read and the journey is one I’d take again and again. The Comfort of Secrets is perfectly titled and highly recommended.”
—Stacy Haas, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews

“Welcome back to the Wayfair Inn, where discovering secrets and overcoming human frailty are the ingredients for finding love and happiness. Reading Nolfi’s The Comfort of Secrets feels like coming home.”
—Kay Bratt, bestselling author of Wish Me Home

“Poignant, honest, and filled with heart, The Comfort of Secrets has it all. With a natural talent for lyrical prose, Christine Nolfi sweeps you away. I adored traveling to the Wayfair Inn and visiting with its many colorful characters. The plot is rife with conflict including one woman’s journey, a dose of romance, and a smoldering suspense sure to keep you devouring pages. Love, love, love this book!”
—Heather Burch, bestselling author of One Lavender Ribbon and In the Light of the Garden

“In The Comfort of Secrets author Christine Nolfi returns us to many of the characters we loved in Sweet Lake, before her storytelling skills take us into new territory. Suspense and fear mix with hope and love as the reader is drawn deeper into the challenges Cat faces as secrets unfold. This is a surprise-filled page turner, right to the end. Brilliant!”
—Patricia Sands, author of the Love in Provence series

“In this return to Sweet Lake’s Wayfair Inn we revisit characters we know, learn more about them, and meet new ones. You will hurt and you will rejoice with Cat and all of the characters as they struggle with past trouble and present choices—sometimes making choices that defy expected common sense, yet resonate with heart and truth. A core truth is that living well is about who you choose to share your life with. By the end of The Comfort of Secrets you will feel part of a warm, triumphant hug celebrating life and love, including the scars that are part of what makes us who we are.”
—Grace Greene, author of The Happiness In Between and The Memory of Butterflies




Speechless, Cat Mendoza shrank back in her chair.

“These are merely rough ideas.” Behind thick eyeglasses, the elderly Penelope Riddle beamed. She shook the homemade poster. “Your new ad agency should design the posters to hang around the Wayfair.”

The urge to duck beneath the desk proved tempting. At half past eight in the morning, Cat didn’t relish dealing with a group of excitable women. She’d arrived to find several of the Sweet Lake Sirens lurking outside her office like merry vultures.

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