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Release Date: September 6, 2013


Looking to spark sales of your book? Reviews Sell Books will show you simple, step-by-step ways to find reviewers in a variety of places to get the reviews your book deserves. This short manual is filled with helpful links and samples of successful query letters you can use as idea starters to grab the attention of potential reviewers.

You’ll discover:

—How to find reviewers, sometimes in the most unlikely places

—The importance of a compelling query to capture interest

—How to find reviewers on Facebook, Goodreads and other platforms

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From reviews on Amazon:

“This is a great book for marketing to get reviews and where. I highly recommend it, not only for authors who have published a book themselves, but for those who want to spread the word about a book they've had published in the traditional way.”

“This is a wonderful book on how to get reviews and from whom.”

“Reviews Sell Books is a great resource if you are looking for ways to find reviewers for your own books. The author suggests some unique and workable ideas for getting reviews from a variety of sources. I'm putting her suggestions to the test this week and feel very good about what the results will be.”