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Release Date: May 8, 2015


Zobie Marsh hides the fearsome talent of prophecy. Young, poor and grieving the loss of her beloved Black Gram, she leaves home suddenly to avoid the advances of her mother’s latest boyfriend. Her decision to travel to South Carolina sets in motion Heavenscribe, a spiritual transformation devised by angels to aid a dying world.

Bel Petersen seems to have it all: ample means, a loving marriage and a rewarding family life. But she’s suffered through a year of unexpected deaths, and near-constant nightmares that portend the downfall of civilization. Now she’s visiting Health Presbyterian daily as Milly battles a relentless bone cancer sure to end their decades-long friendship in a matter of weeks.

One evening as Bel unlocks her car in the hospital’s parking lot, four ambulances stream toward the Emergency entrance. There’s been a horrific traffic accident. She’s shocked to discover one of the victims didn’t make it into an ambulance—and he’s bleeding out in the passenger seat of a high school student’s car. Bel sends the student running to the hospital for help, and tends to the grievously injured man.

His dying words will lead her to Zobie, and reveal the spiritual awakening they must undertake together. If they fail, The Dimming will consume every human soul on the planet.


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“I am a bit daunted about writing the review. I feel sort of like a judge on Dancing With the Stars after watching a perfect performance. What can you say to excellence?”

“This is magical realism at its finest. This book will take you to a realm full of possibilities and make a believer out of you.”

“It's not often I get this excited about a new series, but Heavenscribe by Christine Nolfi is the type of book I dream about running across. From the very first page, I was transported into a magical world I didn't want to leave.”


Knowing sparked in her blood.

The pulsing heat of the Milky Way spilled through her, and with it an image so vivid she could nearly touch the spinning mass of stars and planets moving at breathtaking speed. Just like that, she was plugged into the cosmos. Why she was plugged in was as mysterious as the star-studded images wheeling before her eyes.

Quickly she shut off the Camry’s engine. The wide boulevard meandering through the cemetery’s green hills was vacant. No other families were taking advantage of the mild spring day to visit loved ones. She was thankful for the privacy, as the birdsong drifting from the trees grew faint. The image cascaded down before her eyes. The frenetic warbling died away completely. In tandem, the rolling hills and the well-tended graves faded beneath the limitless blue of deep space expanding before her.

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