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Release Date: July 17, 2015
Pages: 94


Inspiring, magical, and deeply moving—award-winning author Christine Nolfi sweeps you into an unforgettable journey in Heavenscribe: Part 3.

This is Part 3 of the Heavenscribe serial mystery, a spiritual tale that unfolds over multiple books.

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“The book is both spiritual and suspenseful that it will grab you from the very beginning and leave you wanting more. I didn't think it possible but each book in the series gets better and better.”

“Christine touches us deeply through her characters, making it impossible not to be affected personally.”

“I didn't think the story could get better... but oh my!! This part was magnificent! The characters continue to evolve, more metaphysical information, and the plot just gets thicker and thicker!”


Bel Petersen’s first impression was mistaken. The stranger who’d appeared in her garden past the vacant hour of midnight was not a man.

Cinching the belt of her bathrobe around her waist, she appraised the figure strolling gracefully into the moonlight to reveal stature far beyond the human norm. The woman stood more than seven feet tall. A tunic of pale ivory dropped slightly past her knees. Silver tresses flowed past shoulders as square and powerful as a soldier’s.

This was no burglar searching for access to the house. The intrusion was crafted from supernatural means. Bel tried to make sense of her unexpected guest. Was this a spirit from a heavenly realm?

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