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Release Date: May 26, 2015
Pages: 68


Messengers from heaven with startling revelations. The beginning of an unlikely friendship, and a quest Zobie Marsh must undertake with Bel Petersen’s help. A rose arbor that becomes a portal capable of unhooking time. In Heavenscribe, Part Two, Zobie and Bel begin unraveling the secrets of Primaries with the help of two angels, and the magical properties of the six braided ribbons tied to Zobie’s wrist.

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“There’s no other novel out there quite like this one and I would highly recommend you jump in and take the ride, to see what mysteries Ms. Nolfi will be unfolding for us in this fabulous and magical story yet to come.”

“What a hauntingly beautiful follow-up to Part One of this magical story. You can just tell in reading this series that author Christine Nolfi is crafting every single word with intense love and great skill. Every sentence is pure delight. You can't help but feel as if you are right there with these delightful characters, hearing, seeing and feeling everything they are experiencing. I simply can't wait to see what Part Three brings! Five of five stars.”


Out on the water, the impossible happens.

Astonishment brings me to a standstill on the Isle of Palms Beach. Gasping for breath, I peer through the milky dawn. The breathtaking sight freezes my brain with awe.

No, my eyes aren’t playing tricks. I see the woman plainly, although she can’t possibly be real. The spectacle makes the knowing—the clairvoyance I’ve experienced since early childhood—seem normal in comparison.

The irony is hard to miss. Still, I resist trusting my eyes. This stubborn refusal to accept the facts relayed by the most reliable of my five senses is nothing less than comical. A girl possessing a sixth sense should be receptive to extraordinary events. But this isn’t what amuses.

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