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Publishing and personal news by bestselling novelist Christine Nolfi.Despite the advice you’ll find in the Help for Writers section of my website on the necessity of blogging, as of late I’ve ignored my oft-repeated injunction. In July, the first of my four children will marry.

Preparing for the nuptials is a tricky business when you’re coordinating the event with an ex living in another state. Add in a maid of honor, my middle daughter, juggling college studies and work in Ohio and the simplest tasks—like purchasing gowns—requires the strategizing talents of a 5-star general.

Every wedding is special, of course, but Marguerite and Robert’s tying of the knot is one of those events that have people whispering about intercession by angels and the unsung goodness of remarkable stories we do well to notice as we bustle through our days.

You might not believe in angels although I do hope you subscribe to the goodness revealed in most human lives. Here are the facts: During the 1990s Marguerite and Robert were orphans in two sibling groups at The Children’s Shelter of Cebu. A big-hearted couple in Colorado (that was already raising a large brood) adopted Robert and his younger brother and sister. Marguerite and my three other munchkins arrived home in Cleveland with me in 1996.

Flash forward to 2013, and it was rare good luck that the kids became reacquainted here in Charleston, where both families had moved.

What are the odds that I’d set down roots a few miles from another CSC family, and our children would fall in love? In the annals of CSC lore, this is a first. To commemorate the event, Paul Healy, CSC’s founding missionary, will fly to Charleston with his wife Marlys to participate in the wedding. You can imagine my delight: this will be the first time in nearly twenty years my children will have the pleasure of visiting with the man who rescued them from the jungle and set them on the path to adoption in The United States.

In between hours spent on wedding prep, I’m completing the fourth book in The Liberty Series and outlining a new series set in South Carolina’s magical Lowcountry. If you’ve fallen in love with Theodora and the other memorable characters at The Second Chance Grill, no worries: I’ll continue to write Liberty installments as I set the new series in motion.

I’m also preparing for the PubSmart convention in Charleston April 16 – 18. Writers are a gregarious bunch, and I’m looking forward to spending time with several authors I’ve grown to love including Bette Lee Crosby, Steena Holmes, Patricia Sands and the tireless president of The Alliance of Independent Authors, Orna Ross.

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I owned a small public relations firm in Cleveland, Ohio, but closed it fifteen years ago after I traveled to the Philippines and adopted a sibling group of four children. I've been writing novels fulltime since 2004. If you enjoyed this post today, please follow me and subscribe to my blog.


  1. Deborah Murrill Blanchard says:

    You are so blessed and soooo busy! It is so wonderful that your daughter and her groom -to- be found each other again. It is truly a love story and was so obviously meant to be , by the powers that be. Good Luck and all my love to you and yours xoxox

    • Christine Nolfi says:

      Thanks, Deborah! I still find it amazing that Marguerite and Robert found each other. I’m betting their July wedding will make the front page of CSC’s July newsletter.

  2. Christine, I have loved every story I’ve read about your very special family and this is another inspiring chapter. I hope someday you write this book! Thank you for sharing the details of the wedding preparation and the very special story of how this all came to pass. I do believe in the goodness revealed in most people’s lives. This reaffirms that belief. 🙂
    I too cannot wait to be together at PubSmart!

    • Christine Nolfi says:

      Patricia, I should write a book about the amazing journey that brought my kids into my life. Hmm. Another item for the to-do list?

      I can’t wait to see you at PubSmart!

  3. I’m so happy for you, Christine, and also jealous I won’t be able to meet all those wonderful writers at PubSmart! Best to you and your entire family in this time of love and joy.

    • Christine Nolfi says:

      Please plan to attend PubSmart next year. We’ll have several days together to talk books and life! xo

  4. Janet Johnson says:

    I love your wedding planning blog and about the miracle of the families living near each other and the adopted children from same area falling in love. Your family is truly a blessing and I’m so glad that I saw your name thru Bette Lee Crosby. Facebook is great at putting God’s children together. Can’t wait to buy your books and begin reading.

    • Christine Nolfi says:

      Janet, many thanks for your kind words! I think Bette is a blessing: one of the moderators at Sisterhood of the Traveling Book introduced us because the themes in our books are similar. Needless to say, Bette is simply charming in person. Love her!

  5. You are an inspiration on so many levels. God bless you!

    • Christine Nolfi says:

      Thanks, Wendy. We’re now in the home stretch of wedding preparations. In just a few weeks, Marguerite will celebrate her special day with Robert. We’re all so excited!

  6. A wedding and a new book? Perhaps you will write a book about all this one day. Congratulations and best of luck.

    • Christine Nolfi says:

      Maxine, I’m sure my daughter’s upcoming nuptials will provide many ideas for future novels!


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